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I've always been interested in how what we see on screen influences our culture (and vice versa), and 'Story to Culture' is me exploring that in the television shows, movies and plays I watch. I'm calling it my contribution to the interaction already happening between the two.

You could see this as a call for us to be intentional about what we put in our brains, or for us to be open to different stories. Personally, I hope it encourages us to listen as intently to the stories of people we meet in real life as we do those of the characters on our screens; and that this helps bridge gaps of division that may exist in our human relationships, and helps us make sense of our own lives.

(Or it might be that I love watching TV so much that I'm trying to make something productive out of the number of hours I spend doing it).


Oluwaseun Olowo-Ake is a writer and an arts lover with experience in various parts of production such as videography, editing and audio production. She started writing at 10 years old and writes prose, screen/audio plays as well as poetry- she loves stories, no matter the medium they are presented in.

Oluwaseun got her B.A in Media Production from Bournemouth University, England, and her M.A in the same field from Toronto Metropolitan University (formerly Ryerson University), Canada. When she’s not working, she’s dancing, singing along to musicals and dabbling on the keyboard and ukulele.

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