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A Story and A Play: In Pursuit of Identity

Updated: Mar 4

Book cover, A Story and A Play: In Pursuit of Identity
© Oluwaseun Olowo-Ake. Cover by Chelsea Nwasike

My first book is out!


In the first part of this two-part book, the 'story', Idunnu ponders a decision that will change her life: marriage. Up until now, she has made decisions based on what she thought was best for those around her. However, faced with the finality of marriage, she’s unsure if this change will be for the better. The second part, the 'play', introduces us to Ade, an artistic kid disconnected from her heritage. Through her art, she is transported into the fictional Nigerian village of Olumo where she meets hero, Tejumola, and learns that everything that makes her is worth celebrating.

In both stories, our characters start the process of discovering and gaining confidence in who they are.

Click here to purchase the book.

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